Walk In Love: Respecting God's Creations

This morning, I was talking to one of my students. He was having a problem with a specific teacher. He acts very well in my class, but for whatever reason when with this other teacher, he becomes an absolute terror. He disrespects the teacher, talks back to the teacher, and taunts other students. Well, this particular young man is a World Changer, so I began talking to him and out of our conversation God began to speak through me.

When we disrespect others (talk about them, judge them, call them out their name, etc…) we disrespect God’s creation. Every human on this earth, God himself created. We may not agree with their lifestyle, their ways, how they treat us, or even the choices they make, but they are still God’s creation. When people hurt us, we tend to become defensive, bitter, and we allow the seed of unforgiveness to be planted, but we must remember to see people as God sees them. Everyone is a creation of God, even the person who hurt you. Would you disrespect God if he were in front of you? Would you judge him? Talk about him? Then why, do it to his creation.

The enemy wants us to destroy each other because if he can get us to do his work for him, he has it easy. The enemy’s job is to destroy God’s creations, to taint them, pervert them, rob them of their true identity, and keep them caged in darkness. The enemy wants us to destroy each other with our words because when we speak, we create an opportunity for him to come in and bring the very things we spoke over someone else to pass.

Think about it! The enemy has no authority to speak, but only to suggest. We were made in God’s image and just like God created the earth with his words, we have the same power to create with our words. But, if we are listening to the enemy, instead of God, we can create destruction.

So, when having a conflict, an offense, or problem with someone. Instead of creating your own resolution, seek the creator (God), the one who created them. God wants us to come to him first when we have problems with his creations because only he can fix them, and sometimes the person who really needs the fixing, is us.

So, in your prayer, it looks like this: God, I thank you for all your creations. Your beautiful creation (insert name), did this to me (insert problem) and it hurt me. God it offended me. God only you know how to reprogram, or change the heart of your creation. I give you the liberty and freedom to move and redirect/transform this situation because I cannot deal with it own my own. I rest and trust in your ability to keep me, to love me, and to show us all your unmerited favor. I forgive them and I rest in you. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Love is always the answer. Every situation can be solved by the love of God. It may require you to forgive, let go, or relinquish issues, hurts, people, and any other tools of distraction. But, the result is undeniable peace. God didn't create us to hold offense and hurt, which is why it can change us so negatively. He created us with love in mind. Love was on his mind when he made us, and it is still on his mind today. Be like Christ and LOVE on everyone! No matter how much it hurts your pride or your feelings, let it go, and be free of any tactic the enemy would use to destroy your life mission, or your life peace, or most of all, your ability to love freely.

-Turquoise Note-