Rejection: The Lie, The Truth, and This Jesus!

Rejection: the feeling of being unloved, unwanted, by family, friends, peers, or those you love or desire acceptance from, the feeling of being forgotten 

I'm convinced that rejection is the root of suicide. Over the past few years, suicide has become an increased road of escape for many who feel like all is loss. Countless teenagers have taken their lives because of rejection and bullying at school from peers. Adults have taken their lives because of personal failures and feeling as if those who once loved and accepted them will change because of the bad decisions they've made. Rejection is common and if not addressed properly, it can lead to a long road of depression and sorrow.

At some point in our lives, we all want to be accepted and loved. Unfortunately, some people spend their entire life attempting to fit into a group that they never belonged in. It could be a group at work, or your family, or even your church family. Rejection is something that we all deal with at some point in life. Most people don't talk about it or express it because it seems silly, but it is destroying lives, especially in the church.

Satan was rejected from God when he attempted to become a God and for that reason, he has spent his time on earth creating the illusion that we are rejected as well. Everything the enemy throws at us is just a smokescreen of what happened to him, and the greatest deception is for us to believe we are rejected by someone or anything that doesn't have the power to reject us. Satan attempts to project his feelings of resentment and bitterness on us and if we are not careful, we accept those feelings and emotions that distance us further from God. He uses rejection to create hurt in our heart, to create questions and what ifs about God, his character, and his heartbeat.

The issue of being accepted is important to all of us, but for some of us it weighs heavy on us, especially when you've experienced many losses in life.

One way the enemy always attacks me is through rejection. He creates scenarios where I feel rejected, left out, or forgotten to attack my identity in God. People that I love may mistakenly forget to call me, or invite me, and in the moment it can seem like I am rejected. Because I am human, it does hurt and the hurt of it can create or fuel the poison of anger and bitterness if not handled properly. Without realizing it, I can tend to pull away and become distant especially from those I love. Which further created the illusion that I am alone and accepted by those who I feel should love and accept me.

Rejection works to convince you that you're not enough and will never be enough. It convinces you that something is wrong with you, and that if you could fix that one thing, things would magically be better. You may start to compare yourself to others, which can breed discontentment in your own life. Perhaps, you made a mistake, what will people think or say, will they still accept you, love you?

I've discovered over the years that the enemy    attacks you in areas that are crucial to your development in Christ. He uses issues of acceptance and hurt to distract you from moving forward in life. He attacks your identity in Christ. If you don't know who you are, and who you belong to, you will find yourself drifting along in life never to find your ordained destination.

Rejection has been a big part of my life, but I've chosen to overcome it. I choose to walk in God's truth and authority. I choose to expose the lie that the enemy creates in our minds.

If you have dealt with rejection or someone you know, here are some truths to remember:

1. No one can reject you when God has accepted you. 

2. Are you attempting to fit in with a group that is not designed for you, not healthy for you, doesn't promote Godly things? 

3. Jesus was rejected when he died on the cross, from the very ones who walked with him. Jesus knows what rejection feels like, and is sensitive to our hurts, but also know that he was rejected so that through him, we can be accepted.  

4. Communicate with those individuals that may have hurt you in some way. You can't control how they feel or what they think, but you can deal with your emotions and release them from that offense. Be like Jesus, for they may not know what they are doing. 

5. Forgive Swiftly! As a human, remind yourself that they are human. And just like you can mess up, they can too. Sometimes we do stupid things, we make bad decisions, but if God can forgive us all, then who are we to hold a grudge against someone else.  

God's love is real and his acceptance is the only acceptance needed. Don't be in bondage to people, people can always make bad decisions, but God always leads us right back to his heart, his will, his plan for our lives. You will never be able to please everyone, but you can live a life free from the expectations and demands of people and society.

So, we are not rejected! We are children of God. And if you are experiencing this or know someone who is, remind yourself of what the Word of God says! You are fearfully and beautifully made even with all your flaws! When Jesus accepts you, it doesn't matter what anyone does or even how they make you feel, he has the final word, the final say, so rest in knowing you've been accepted into the best group or family there is. You've been accepted by Jesus, and when you finally meet him, and see him, you will realize there is no higher form of acceptance.

-Turquoise Note-

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