HURT: The Seed To A Cold Heart!

Life is full of unexpected moments.

Today, alone, I held a child in my arms, like a mother and embraced her as tears streamed down her face. My shirt soaked with tears, but my spirit filled with love. I spoke with a young man about how much he hates his father because he has never been there. I told him how gifted he was, and how his father just doesn’t know what he is missing. I comforted a young lady because her mother neglects her and often uses her for what she can do. As her eyes turned red, and as tears fell from her eyes, all I could do was remind her of God’s love. And that the love I showed her, was really him loving her through me. Today, I was reminded of all the pain in the world. All the pain in our children.

All the pain that no one speaks about. All the pain that no one addresses. The fact that the world is filled with hurting people walking around pretending as if they are alive. The reality is that no one wants to talk about hurt. Hurt forces emotions to arise and many people would rather live life emotionless because they can’t control their emotions or someone else’s. Today, I was reminded of why the world needs the unfailing love of God. Why children need to know that God loves them? The fact that he always has loved them.

Today I was reminded of even the hurt I face. The people who have let me down. The situations that are so tender to my heart, that they bring tears to my eyes. The fact that when I honestly share my heart, I’m considered dramatic or insensitive. When the truth is that I feel everything, in the spiritual and natural world. The hurt of losing a mother and a father, the hurt of being ashamed of their past. The hurt of being a burden to friends or family at times. Today I was just reminded of Hurt.

Hurt does a lot of damage in our lives. Many of us walk around with broken hearts, broken dreams, and broken lives. I’m reminded of how hurt creates anger and how anger builds hatred, and how hatred builds walls that barricade us into never trusting people again. What would the world be without hurt?

Today I was reminded of how much hurt is in the church. The church is supposed to be the hospital, the place where people go for help, but many of them leave hurt. The fact that many people associate God’s love with how they are treated by people. And by doing that, they turn away from his love. They turn away from the only source of help because they don’t understand his heart. They don’t understand that the only way to receive is to be open, and their closed demeanor or closed heart, immediately shuts out the only higher power that can truly help them.

Life is full of unexpected moments.

But, I know that God is bigger than any hurt or challenge we face. I believe in that. I know the world doesn’t, perhaps many of you do not believe that, but I believe in the sovereignty of God. Jesus is a gentleman, he doesn’t force his way into your life, he waits on your invitation to build a relationship with him.

I wonder what would happen if within the unexpected moments of hurt, we let Jesus be the mediator, and God be the judge.

-Turquoise Note-

Alicia HuleneComment