Frustration: Don't let it get the best of you!

Frustration (noun): the feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of inability to change or achieve something (Google Definition) 

Have you ever been frustrated? Perhaps with your job, your children, your finances, your church,  or your marriage? Frustration plays a crucial role in the lives of most Christians. We tend to get frustrated at Gods timing, his will, and even why he allows certain things to happen. Frustration is the breeding ground for discontentment. Having this unhappiness in our lives can destroy our joy, our hope, our chances of believing change can come. 

The enemy works through your frustration. He can maneuver anxiety, anger, and hurt through a person who is frustrated with anything in their life. Through this door of frustration, he gains access to your emotions, and through that access he creates more feelings that begin to draw you away from the presence of God. 

Have you noticed that when you are frustrated it is hard for you to get into the presence of God? Have you noticed that when you are frustrated you are easily prone to argue or get upset easily? When I am frustrated, the last thing on my mind is being obedient to Jesus. It's like I am unable to hear his voice, and I find myself unable to make the right decisions. Frustration is simply a distraction. In brief moments of frustration, the enemy can cause us to miss important moments or miss crucial life steps needed to advance in our God-given destiny. 

Frustration can be a dream-killer. In a moment of frustration, we can make decisions that kill our dreams or kill the dreams of others by the words we speak. If unnoticed, frustration can seem innocent, even just a human emotion. But, I cannot list the amount of times I have allowed my frustrations to lead me into making negative decisions that affect my life and the lives of those around me. So what should when do when we are frustrated?

I have found that I need to take time to evaluate my actions before I make a decision in the heat of any moment. I have missed the mark in this area so many times, I now recognize the characteristics of it and how it destroys. If you find yourself frustrated, overwhelmed, or anxious, here are some things you can do:

1. Put on worship music. Worship music calms your atmosphere. 

2. Do not make any decisions. If possible take 24 hours, wait, and allow God to lead you in your decision process. 

3. Think about what would Jesus do in your situation? Would he immediately forgive? Would he walk in love? Would he be patient and understanding?

4. If your upset or angry, get a focus scripture, go to the Word of God and see what he says about your situation. Don't yell or fuss. Realize that if you are in this situation, God has already equipped you with grace to handle it. 

5. Take a step back. Imagine the same situation in someone else's shoes. If you are frustrated with someone, imagine their point of view. 

6. Seek, Consult, and Pray To God. He always answers. Sometimes he may work issues out without you even knowing. He doesn't need you to solve every problem, he is the problem solver. 

7. Focus on Jesus, not the issue. Focusing on Jesus and his word, will immediately transform your thinking. 

8. Get out of your emotions. Emotions often lead us down a wrong road. 

-Turquoise Note - 

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