Turquoise Note Prayer #10: Perfect Me & Use Me

Lord, I thank you that you have perfected everything that concerns me. Jesus, bind my heart to your heart! Bind my will to the will of God for my life. And loose opportunities for me to re-present you to the world! Let your love penetrate through all the walls of my heart and let your grace overflow out of me onto the hearts of your people. Simply, use me to impact the hearts of those who are drawn away by the false pretenses of religion that has divided the church. Give me strategy and wisdom to be led by you and not by others. Give me confidence to walk boldly in places that are filled with lies and preconceived notions of you! As I walk, let others see the you in me. To walk in the cadence of your glory, the swiftness of your peace, and the foundation of your love. Simply put, let me embrace you, so that you can use me to embrace the world and show them the original love that you so freely give!