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Long Live The King is an E.P. created as a battlecry for christians who are truly unashamed of Jesus. In a time where it’s looked down upon to be affiliated with representing christianity, we scream “Long Live The King” to signify that we unapologetically represent and align ourselves with the king.
— Milliyon
Epic. Dynamic. Fresh Fire. An EP that will change your perception of christian hip-hop forever!
— Alicia Hulene

          It is finally here! The highly anticipated EP "Long Live The King" from christian hip-hop artist, Milliyon will be released on July 8th on all mainstream media outlets. Milliyon birthed the concept of "Long Live The King" from when the roman soldiers would show their allegiance to the Roman King. Milliyon is an extremely talented  artist who aims to loudly proclaim his allegiance to the one and only King, Jesus Christ! In a time when many christian artists are pressured to drop the word "christian" from their artist descriptions, Milliyon boldly declares that his Lord and Savior is Jesus Christ.  

          The first song on the EP, "Long Live The King" begins with just Milliyon pouring out his heart to an instrumental piano background. In his introduction, he boldly declares "He is the only reason I'm here, I am a Christian Rapper, I hope I am making that clear". Throughout the duration of the song, Milliyon communicates his thoughts on how many artists accumulate wealth and popularity, only to sell out the name of Jesus when they get to the top. But, Milliyon knows that his true source is from Jesus Christ, and through his allegiance, he vows to keep Jesus at the forefront of his life, his marriage, and all of his success. 

Let Your Presence Fall Here, It’s My Expectation, And Let It Consume All Of Me, I Just Need Your Fire.
— From "Fire" - Milliyon

          The second song on the album entitled "Fire" featuring Eris Ford, is a nice update to the popular worship song "All Consuming Fire". With a steady beat, Milliyon shares how much he is on fire for God. The song begins with a woman beautifully singing "Let your presence fall here, it's my expectation". This is the songs hook and it serves as a reminder of how important the presence of God is in our lives and how much we need the Holy Spirit to consume us. "Fire" is a testament of what God can do in our lives when we willingly give him our inadequacies, hurts, pains, and frustrations. 

This passion inside of my soul is on fire, and I may get old but I’ll never retire. Never Gonna Stop!
— Milliyon

          Track 3, "Never" is a declaration of how Milliyon will never stop sharing the love of Christ and his kingdom to the world. With an electric sound, the beat is catchy and rhythmic. It is guaranteed to get you moving and excited about changing the world. 

          Track 4 entitled "No Limits" is one of my favorites. The hip-hop feel and amazing instrumentation is so easy to learn and love. "There's no limit when you're living for the King!" This feel good song has become my summer song. It reminds me of how true success comes from God because there are no limits in him. Jesus came so that we would have abundant life, and every now and then, we need a reminder of his promises. 

          Track 5, "God Blessha" was Milliyon's single release off of the EP. When I tell you, I LOVE THIS SONG. First of all, the roman-like colosseum instrumentation introduction is so beautiful. It almost causes you to imagine Milliyon standing in the center of a colosseum rapping to millions of people. The concept behind "God Blessha" is to tell your haters  "God Bless You". In this day and time, when people don't like you or support you, instead of getting upset, pray for God to bless them. This song is an anthem for forgiveness, teaching us the showing the love of God towards people is the way to communicate his love towards them. 

          Well, the last track on the EP, I will let you write your thoughts. You're going to have to buy the album to hear about this song. Overall, I love this EP and I believe you will too!  Let me know your thoughts about this album! And, don't forget you can purchase it on July 8th! For more information, click the links below. 

Love Live The King EP - Grade - A+

Executive Producers: Tone Jonez, Milliyon
Producers: K. Agee, Tone Jonez, Milliyon
Features & Writers: Milliyon, Evan & Eris Ford, K. Agee, Mission, Brotha Ruff, 
Mastered By: Izrael Musiq & T.J. Pompeo

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