GLO- A Game Changer In Jesus Music!

           Over the last five years, I have had the awesome opportunity to know an anointed individual, named "GLO". When we first met, I was amazed at his energy and passion during praise and worship in our teen services. There was no limit to his worship and when he ministered, he ministered with vulnerability and zeal. It's no surprise to me that five years later, he is still developing, growing, and maturing into being one of the greatest christian hip-hop artists of all time. 

          G.L.O.R.Y. stands for "God's Love Over Rebellious Youth!" GLO developed the concept after realizing that the only thing that can impact a rebellious generation is the potency of God's Love. As a young man, who may have been often misunderstood himself, he aimed to create an avenue of music for the generation that loves a variation of hip-hop music, including trap music. He refers to "Trap Music" as music that is together reaching all people. Regardless of how you praise and worship, the anointing is not in the instrumentation, but in the words. 

          From the times I have seen him preach, to the times I have seen him perform, to be in his presence is truly life changing. No matter where he goes he automatically pushes out the love of God to young people in a way that they can understand and receive. And, the best part is that he is never afraid to worship. Recently, he released a brand new product entitled "Trapping Out the Church". The whole project speaks to the power of the name of Jesus, and creates an outlet for the young and old to be immersed into trap music for Jesus. With the hard rhythmic beats that make you immediately want to dance, to the anointed flow of worship songs, that make you want to crawl into a corner and seek God, this free album is one you should add to your repertoire. Take a listen to some music below. 

          The concept of "trapping out the church" is simple, it gives heavy hip-hop fans an opportunity to go hard for Christ in a musical way that ministers to them. And, if you talk to a teenager about GLO's music, you will find that they understand the message of God's love and grace for them. When the world says they are rebellious and disrespectful, God says they are his children. 

Check him out today! 

Alicia HuleneComment