Korin Deanna, The Love Album Pt. 1: What Real Music is All About!

It’s not too frequent that you come across an album that you can listen to from beginning to end. Normally, when you listen to an album you choose your favorite songs and skip through the rest, but this was not my experience with the album entitled “The Love Pt. 1” by Korin Deanna. Oh! Did I forget to mention that this album is FREE!!!! Completely FREE!!!!

How many artists today are releasing an album for free? And, not only one free album, but 12 free albums in 12 months. Korin Deanna and Restorical Entertainment are doing something unheard of and we as an audience have got to respond. 

The Love Pt. 1 album takes you on Korin Deanna’s personal intimate journey of love. It’s amazing because as you listen to her words her journey becomes synonymous with your own. Her musical creativity has a way of inviting you into the very moment when she wrote these songs. The melodic harmonies and chord progressions become one with your own love story or the love story you are believing for. 

The thing that separates Korin Deanna from other artists is her ability to be intimate and vulnerable with her audience. Love is sacred, but we find Korin inviting us into her world freely. And, as she shares her experience with love, we learn, we reminisce, and we dwell in the purity of love between a man and a woman.

The first song entitled “Don’t You Tell Me” embarks upon the journey of being willing to be vulnerable with someone you’re interested in. Too many times in relationships, people rush into love hoping that they will get permanent long-lasting results. When the truth is, it takes time to get to know a person. It takes time to even know if you actually add to someone’s life and vice-versa. Korin Deanna understands and shares this principle with her listeners. It’s apparent that she wrote this song based on truth and experience. 

By the time, you get to the second song entitled “I’m Falling”, you realize that the previous gentleman from song one has passed the test of time and now she’s all in. This is by far one of my favorite songs because it reminds you of good music. The kind of music you can jam to on a sunny day while thinking of your love interest. We all can identify with the moment we began “falling” for someone. The creativity and vocal placement on this track are genius as Korin shows her listeners the beauty of artistry and the beauty of telling a storyline everyone can follow. 

After you’ve fallen in love, you now enter “Loves Paradise”. Track number three by far is the most exotic of all the songs allowing you to relive the moments of utopia that love can cause. That moment when you’re in a relationship and all your guarded walls are down and it feels good. You’re in a paradise of emotion and your heart approves. This feeling mixed with the rhythm and smooth beat, makes for an enjoyable musical experience for everyone.

Track four entitled “Superman” is definitely a smooth melodic song for women to appreciate the man they have in their life. And, even if you’re single, her lyrics paint a good picture of what every woman desires, which is a man that is willing to save her world, save her heart, and rescue her. One of my favorite lines is “God made him just for me. Gotta love him, he’s my superman…” In most love songs today, you don’t find many artists giving God credit for creating the perfect person for them and it further gives credit to the idea that God loves us all enough to make someone in his image that can love us the same way he does. 

By the time you get to the piano introduction of track five, we learn that Korin Deanna is in love. We’ve all had that conversation with our girlfriend or boyfriend, in which we have to tell them our true feelings. Some people run from love, while others thrive in it. As you listen to this song, it reminds you of the simplicity of love between two individuals. Korin Deanna’s straightforward approach to communicating this message comes across effortlessly while also creating an atmosphere of love, acceptance, and hope for even greater love. 

Korin Deanna pours her heart out in the track entitled “My Love”. As she states, “My love is all for him, I’ll do anything for him, he ignites my fire, he’s my one and only desire.” Surely, we all can connect with being madly in love with someone. Although, someone could say anyone could write these words, I know personally that Korin Deanna lives them. She resides in Atlanta with her husband, producer, and business partner, Brian Christopher Lane, and the love between them is beautiful. There are not many couples who can juggle work, family, children, and business, but they do it so effortlessly. And, they have even invited the world into their marriage and how they remain successful in different arenas while they raise their children. If you'd like to see snippets of their video blogs about their journey, click on the links below.  

Oh, yeah! And, If you're wondering about The Love Album's Last Track, you just may need to listen for yourself because she definitely saved the best for last. 

Become a fan of Korin Deanna today! Download her album for free at http://www.restoricalent.com/love-pt-1-1/ .

Stay Tuned for the next album, The Drama Pt. 1, which will be released on June 12th at 12 am on www.restoricalent.com . 

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