"I Luh God: Exploring Jesus Through the Message, Not the Music"

I Luh God!”

“You don’t love God?”

“What’s wrong with you?”

“I Love Em, I Love Em, I Love Em….”

Erica Campbell went viral when her new single “I Luh God” hit the streets. And, all of a sudden, the issue of trap worship hit the church, and the judgment began…


Have you noticed that Jesus is universal? Jesus is able to impact anyone and everyone in the world that has an open heart and a willingness to receive him. He is the author of creativity, the author of salvation, the author of reaching every generation by any means necessary.

Once again, we have a gospel artist or leader in the industry, that steps outside the box and what’s the first thing we do as the body of Christ, we critique, we judge, we express our opinion…

I’ve come to the conclusion, that some of the most hurtful comments in the Christian industry, do not come from the world, but come from Christians…

It seems that we have not learned how powerful our words are. Proverbs 18: 21 states “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit”.

 We are easy to correct others. We feel it’s our duty to call out people. You know, to let them know that they are wrong and that somewhere they have missed his instruction.

I used to be that way. So very quick to say what is righteous, and what is not righteous. But, God taught me a valuable lesson that helped me break that habit. He simply showed me myself, my flaws, my mistakes, and corrected me.

It’s easy to talk about someone else. To imagine their off-ness, and how we ought to just let them know how God doesn’t like it, instead of allowing God to speak for himself, to correct for himself.

The great thing about Jesus is that he makes everything we do work toward our good. Our great testimonies and our horror stories, it doesn’t matter to him. He can use it.

Although, we profess that we are here to love as Jesus loves, we often do the opposite of what Jesus did. We reject the world, and confine ourselves to the church. Meanwhile, Jesus accepts the world, and rebukes the laws and hypocrisy of the church.

When Jesus was on this earth he was a friend to sinners. He associated himself with sinners. He came to save sinners, to tell them of the good news, to offer them salvation. Oddly, the Christians who proclaimed love for God were the very ones that treated him the worst.

And here we are over 2000 years later, still doing the same thing, treating people the same way, as if we haven’t learned anything from the example of Jesus. The thing I love about God is that he knows we are sensitive to his words and when he corrects, he corrects in love.

Surprisingly, if you listen to the entire song, you will find that the heartbeat and words all point to loving God. You may not agree with the beat, you may not agree with the cut off phrases, and it may not even actually make sense to you.

However, somewhere there is a young or an old person listening to this song expressing their love for God and how they are forgiven. And, at the end of the day, that’s all that matters. We evaluate the fruit by asking one question: Does the message point you to God or does it point you to Death?

So, you know “I Luh God! You don’t love God? What’s wrong with you?”

And why do I love him, “Cuz, I’m forgiven! I’m forgiven!



Haven’t heard the song yet? Check out this unofficial remix featuring the amazing Erica Cumbo, explaining the heartbeat of trap worship further…

Trust Me! You won’t be disappointed! Erica Cumbo is one of the most anointed artists that I know…


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