The Call: Say Yes To Jesus!

Have you ever been in a place where you just wanted more Jesus? You want a tangible experience with God, not just one time, but every time? To be able to walk fearlessly, in the lineage (his lineage) that precedes you. To host the presence of the holy spirit, so that when others come into contact with you, they are transformed just from your presence? To walk around this world, completely careless of the things of the world, but careful with the things of Christ. To only see Jesus, to only do Jesus, to only experience EVERYTHING he has to offer? There is such a place in him, and the desire is placed on the inside of each and every one of us. Will you answer the call?

I am convinced that when God gets finished with me. I won’t be recognizable. I believe that Jesus can renew and transform everything inside of me and around me. I am a firm believer that eyes have not seen, nor ears have heard, what God all has in store for me. I choose to not settle and get stuck in the depression of life. I choose to rise above every situation and respond to situations in faith, believing that God has already graced me for more. 

There has to be more to life, than struggles, pains, heartbreaks, setbacks, failures, death and disappointments. And, I refuse to settle for the classic “I’m going through all the time” Christian or the "I need prayer all the time" Christian. It can’t be the life God wants us to live. Always struggling and barely making it, living life as an unfulfilled Christian. Living without purpose, passion, and destiny. I've made up my mind that I want to experience everything Christ has to offer me and more! I want to see signs, miracles, and wonders daily. I want my heart to be consumed with his love, so that I may show the world his love. 

I believe we were designed to reign in this life, but sometimes we don’t because of ourselves (our fear, our doubt, the bolded lies we’ve believed for years, that are now strongholds). I've learned that the enemy doesn't have the power to create, but he has the power to suggest. He suggests "What Ifs?" and doubtful questions that attack the root of belief in our lives. Which causes us to question if God will really do what he promised, or if God will really come through this time? The enemy is a liar, he lies, he attempts to destroy the credibility of God with the circumstances that arise in our lives. When bad things happen, the first suggestion you hear in your mind is "Where was God?", or "If God really loved you, he wouldn't have let that happen to you!", and Perhaps, it was that sin you committed, you know God hates sin, and so he's probably punishing you!" These are just some of the many suggestions that the enemy says to steal God's promises in our lives. And, before you know it, we open our mouths, and speak fear, and we begin to hope for faith, instead of believing our faith, and slowly, the enemy chokes the very word of promise out of our hearts. 

The enemy has no power, no authority, but we give him so much credit. We put up statuses of how the devil tried us, and how he distracted us, and all the other cliche' phrases we use to describe "going through". But, the truth is, if God is God, and if Jesus lives in us, then how and why does the enemy seem like our enemy, when Jesus already won that battle. Recently, I've had to change my perspective. I fight from a place of victory, not from loss. The enemy has already lost and his greatest deception, is tricking you and I into believing that we have to fight him, when the fight is already fixed. The enemy can't do anything unless he gets you to speak and believe the lie he has suggested. He can’t do anything without God’s permission, but sometimes we give him greater power by doing his work for him. By speaking death, doubt, fear, and other things into our own lives unknowingly. To some extent, we may even mention what the enemy does more than what God does, but can you imagine only being conscious with God’s grace, his love, his power and realizing that he put all his best traits right on the inside of you. 

We are to be God-conscious, not enemy conscious. We are to fill our minds with God's word, his heart, his worship, his promises, his everlasting love, his joyous life, and his serenity. When we stop focusing on the devil, he losing power, because we changed our focus. We are God's children, we have his DNA, his blood, his power, his love, his grace, his peace, his stability, his prosperity, and everlasting life. If God is our father, If God is for us, then who could ever be and stand against us. We have to accept our identity in Jesus. So, in conclusion, accept who you are and walk in your victory. 

That’s where I am going, and if you’re coming with me, let’s go together!!!! It’s time to do Jesus! Just Jesus! 

Alicia HuleneComment