Don't Give Up! God Is Not Finished Writing Your Story!


Being a failure is not an option. Believing that you are a failure is also not an option. In fact, you need to eliminate the word “failure” from your vocabulary today. 

If I had a quarter for every time I thought about giving up, I'd be a billionaire. In life, we have a habit of sharing our good experiences, while skipping over our valley experiences. For many of us, life has been very difficult, throwing out unimaginable circumstances and hardships that have shaped us into who we are today.

In some instances, giving up seems to be the best option when we weigh our pros and cons of our circumstances. The allusion of giving up can seem desirable because we believe the pressure, pain, and frustration will leave if we simply surrender. But, the truth is, it won't. Giving up will not bring you peace, but only defeat. And, when we walk through life defeated, nothing we do or touch can be fruitful. Once we lose our passion, we lose our drive. And, without drive, or goals, we have no vision.

One of the most important lessons I've learned in life, is that for everything I've went through, God had already equipped me with everything I needed to endure and overcome it. Honestly, the thought of that used to make me upset, as I told God he was wrong as to how much I could take and how much I could bare. But, time after time, I came out, I came through, and the situation I thought would never end, finally ended. 


The thought-process of believing that God is not good and does not have good things for you is also damaging. Newsflash! GOD IS GOOD! HE HAS GOOD THOUGHTS TOWARD YOU! THOUGHTS OF A GREAT FUTURE!

The reality is that life is life. It throws curveballs that sometimes knock us down for a moment, but when we rise, we rise stronger and wiser. So, don’t quit! You can do this!

Giving up is always the first option the enemy presents to us. He gave up, so he attempts to influence us to do the same. The enemy gave up on his purpose in heaven, for a life of his own. He didn't want to be what God created him to be, he wanted more, and in pursuit of himself, he gave up on God's original plan for his life. The enemy always tries to get us to mirror his ways, his image, his cowardliness, and his beliefs. Can you imagine how the story would be different if the enemy hadn't given up on God's process? If he had stayed faithful to God, instead of himself. The world would be completely different. Perhaps the greatest mistake in history, is not Adam, Eve, and the apple, perhaps the greatest mistake in history is Satan abandoning his original purpose in heaven.  

When we abandon our purpose in anything, we are telling God that his will, his power, his sacrifice of Jesus Christ, was ultimately not enough. We are telling God that the situation is larger than him, and that he can't deliver us or bring us through it. We are announcing that the circumstance is bigger than God, bigger than the God in us, so we might as well surrender. 

When we back out of God's plan for our lives, we ultimately surrender to the enemy. We believe his smokescreen lie of fear, that propels us to believe that things will not and cannot get better. 

The truth is there is nothing too big that God is not equipped to handle. God was well aware of our bad decisions and life circumstances when Jesus was on the cross, and Jesus still died on our behalf. The bible says he died for our past, present, and future sins, which means he already knew of all the bad decisions we'd make. That's the purpose of his love, to cover all of our sins, and embrace us closer to him. 

If we give up, we kill the opportunity of seeing the future result. If we stop at the bottom of the mountain, we abandon the opportunity of seeing everything clearly from the top of the mountain. If we let go of the business idea before it even has a chance to flourish, we can talk ourselves out of the biggest opportunity of our lives. Simply stated, when we give up, we never get to see and embrace the beauty of the other side.

So, don't give up! Don’t give up on yourself! Don’t give up on God! Don’t give up on life! Just don’t give up!

Keep going and invite the presence of God into the dark places of your heart where the unspoken dreams, the hope deferred, the guilt or shame, the rejection, and the frustration lies. Give God the opportunity to be GOD!

God specializes in taking the broken pieces of our lives and making them into a beautiful artistic masterpiece. Allow the Holy Spirit to fix the problems you are facing and to fix the problems or frustrations inside of you. Ask Jesus to walk beside you and hold your hand as you walk through the valleys of life. Lastly, allow the Father to actually be a Father. Tell him the deep stories of your heart . Let him embrace you.

Give God a chance to develop you. The promise, and the fulfillment of your heart, lies on the other side of your dilemma. Give God the opportunity to do something miraculous in your life. If giving up is crossing your mind, just get closer to Jesus. Allow him to wash away every concern and worry. Trust that everything will work toward your good because he loves you. God never wants us to fail, but if we do he is always there to pick up the pieces and rescue us. Let him rescue you! 


Alicia HuleneComment